VITURA – Personal Training

Please forget all the experiences you have had so far with training or personal training.

VITURA is new! VITURA is different!

VITURA is Vienna’s unique personal training studio – in the heart of Vienna.

VITURA means personal training at the highest level.

Every person wants to have a fit body, be attractive and stay healthy. But often the goals are not achieved because the environment does not fit: Working out alone in a regular gym may work in the beginning. The only thing is that there is a lack of technical know-how. Questions like “What should I do when, how and how often?!” remain unanswered.

At the latest now the motivation sinks again into the bottomless pit.

This is where we come in with our personal trainers: We have answers to all your questions. We make sure you enjoy your workout! We make sure that you can see and feel your successes!

We bring training to your life, we bring life to your training.

With your personal trainer from VITURA, we promise that you will see and, above all, feel your training successes. With our individual personal training you will reach your personal fitness goals – effectively and efficiently!

Our personal training is the appropriate training method for you if you:

  • want to reach the best possible level of your fitness & health
  • want to make the most of your valuable time
  • want to increase your motivation by having a personal trainer by your side to get more out of each and every training session
  • have no desire for yet another 0815 training program.

with its studio in the heart of Vienna, VITURA is the first address for professional personal training. See for yourself: come by and take advantage of our Introductory Promotion!

We look forward to welcoming and serving you soon!

Get started with training and get advice from one of our trainers.

For companies

Are you looking for support around the topics of health, fitness and exercise at work or do you simply want to do something good for your employees?

We are happy to support you here!

We are also always looking for suitable cooperation partners who are interested in long-term cooperation.

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