Individualized personal training for your fitness, health, and attractiveness.

As unique as your personality are your fitness goals. The mission of VITURA and our personal trainers is to enable you to achieve your goals with individually tailored personal training – effectively and efficiently.

No matter what goal you pursue – VITURA offers the suitable personal training.

Muscle building

Body toning

Improvement of general fitness

Weight Management

Balancing muscle weaknesses and muscle imbalances

Release of Pain

Get started with training and get advice from one of our trainers.


  • Introductory promotion: 2x Training (valid once per person)
    149 €
  • Single session
    150 €
  • 5 Sessions
    495 €
  • 10 Sessions
    925 €
  • 20 Sessions
    1750 €
  • 5 Sessions of TWIN Training
    635 €
  • 10 Sessions of TWIN Training
    1.200 €
  • 20 Sessions of TWIN Training
    2.200 €
  • BIA Single Measurement
    70 €
  • BIA Measurement in a PT-Block
    50 €

TWIN Training

You have a training partner and want to have sessions together with one of our trainers? No problem! Train together and celebrate successes together! And the price per training becomes even more affordable!! Just ask for the TWIN training!


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