VITURA – The new kind of personal trainer in Vienna!
We are different!

Don’t buy a pig in a poke – just try us out!

For 149 euros you can take advantage of our introductory offer with two personal training sessions.

Why TWO trial trainings?

A single training is not representative of the quality of the trainer.

The following will take place in the first training:

  • You get to know the trainer and our studio
  • Together we perform the anamnesis
  • Your personal goals are defined
  • Incorrect postures are revealed and movement tests are performed

“No one wants to buy a custom suit,
Without taking measurements first!”

In the second training session, it’s down to the nitty-gritty. The things discussed in the first training are implemented.

We value long-term and regular cooperation – only in this way is it possible to implement your goals consistently and sustainably!

What you will not find with us:

  • Memberships, enrollment fees, bindings or hidden costs!
  • Crowded training rooms!
  • Self-promoter as a personal trainer without adequate training!
  • Dubious and unprofessional treatment!

Why is the training not free?

We also want to adequately reward our coaches for their outstanding work and want to ensure that this remains the case. That is why we can offer you the best trainers. Serious and professional work has its value, so for you to get to know us, there are two training hours for 149 euros instead of 280 euros.

In our company every personal trainer has an adequate education with social as well as professional competence. We set a new standard! VITURA is a studio with a focus on personal training; so our personal trainer can fully concentrate on you.

You are the center of our attention!

Only with the right personal trainer, enough space, the best equipment and a pleasant atmosphere your training will be of high quality and therefore effective.

VITURA is a studio for individually tailored personal training. You can also benefit from our additional offer: Group training, physiotherapy, osteopathy, massages, yoga and nutritional advice from a single source: VITURA – More than personal training.