Physiotherapy & Sportphysiotherapy in 1010 Vienna

Are you looking for customized physical therapy or sports physical therapy? Then you are exactly right with us!

We work with our patients in the field of prevention as well as in orthopedic and traumatological complaints. Through targeted active exercises as well as passive measures, our intention is to restore or maintain a healthy body and the well-being of our patients.

As sports physiotherapists, it is close to our hearts to get you fit for everyday life & sports through individual consultation and an active exercise program.

With additional training such as Osteopathy, Crafta, Podotherapy & Yoga therapy, we cover a wide range of treatment concepts.

We are also happy to accept requests for home visits.

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Physiotherapy & Sportphysiotherapy in 1010 Vienna

Physiotherapy at VITURA Personal Training is concerned with maintaining and restoring a healthy body. Various techniques are used, such as joint mobilizations, muscle relaxation, but also movement analysis, movement optimization and much more.

At the beginning of every physiotherapy or sports physiotherapy is the anamnesis – for the most accurate possible recording of the respective problem.

The type of treatment depends on the results of the anamnesis. This treatment with physiotherapy or sports physiotherapy can take place actively via targeted exercises, passively with the help of massages, joint techniques and the like, and in the form of advice from our competent team of physiotherapists and sports therapists in 1010 Vienna at VITURA.


  • Single Session - 60 Minuten
    120 €
  • Single session - 45 minutes
    100 €
  • Single session - 30 minutes
    80 €