Martin Zange, BSc.

Sports Scientist, Personal Trainer

3 Words that describe Martin:

Ambitious – friendly – reliable

About me

I am a passionate athlete myself with high ambitions. My primary sports are Calisthenics and Tricking/Freerunning. However, in addition to specific training, regularly incorporating individually tailored strength and athletic training is essential.
I was able to deepen my knowledge during my sports science studies. Furthermore, I regularly engage with nutrition and the latest developments in training science.
As a personal trainer, I can best support and advise other individuals in achieving their fitness and health goals. This fulfills me completely. Let’s start! Let’s go!


  • Education
    Studied sports science at the University of Konstanz
  • Other Qualifications
    Fitness trainer B-License
    Experience as a trainer in a fitness studio.
    Internship at the German Calisthenics and Streetlifting Association.
  • Training approaches
    Strength and hypertrophy training.
    Athletic training
    Health sports
    Calisthenics (Gymnastics, Mobility)
  • Strengths
    Finding an individualized, evidence-based, sustainable training approach.
    Teaching fundamental aspects of sports and health.
    Motivational support