Sports Scientist, Personal Trainer

3 Words that describe Dennis:

empathic – motivating – humorous

About me

Sport has been with me all my life. Be it in your own training or in coaching other people. I have been active as a personal trainer for over 3 years now. Furthermore, I accompany and support some of the best track and field athletes in our country. I love the diversity that sport gives us – both in working with top athletes and in my first sporting experiences, I like to share my passion. Sport is the right choice for ALL of us!


  • Education
    Studies of Sports Science at the University of Vienna i.A.

    Master’s degree in Physical Education and Geography & Economics i.A.

  • Other Qualifications
    Trainer B-License

    Functional Coach-License

    Health Coach-License

  • Training approaches
    Strength training such as hypertrophy, maximum strength and rapid strength.

    Athletic training

  • Strengths
    Recognize and strengthen potentials
    Promote motivation and inspire to the sport
    Train and strengthen own body perception