Elisabeth Stando, BSc.

Sports scientist, Personal Trainer

3 Words that describe Elisabeth:

honest – empathetic – refreshing

About me

Why am I a personal trainer? Because it is a passion! Because it’s fun! Because it’s a new challenge every time!

Each person is so different and each personal goal so different. For these reasons, this profession, this job is so unique and exciting.

My personal goal and vision is to create a more powerful and better body awareness, to awaken a sense of invincibility and to break through barriers together.


  • Education
    Study of Health & Performance Sports at the University of Innsbruck
  • Other Qualifications
    Training course sports massage
    1. Dan Tae kwon do
  • Training approaches
    age-independent and individual training concept
    partial strengthening of weak points
    functional training
    Mobility training
    Training during and after pregnancy
  • Strengths
    Recognition and elimination of imbalances
    Motivating influence