Frederic Matuschka, BSc.

Personal Trainer, Physiotherapist

3 Words that describe Frederic:

empathic – supportive – humorous

About me

After more than 6 years of experience as a personal trainer and 2 years as a practicing physical therapist, I am motivated daily by the fact that general musculoskeletal problems, especially back tension and pain, can be managed through adapted strength training with movement patterns that balance everyday life.

By giving my clients additional advice during the training about physical causes and effects, including many tips and tricks for at home or at work, their self-efficacy and motivation increases. Witnessing this further development is exactly what I value so much about this profession.


  • Education
    Study of physiotherapy at the EU University of Applied Sciences Rostock
  • Other Qualifications
    Dipl. Fitness- & Personal Trainer

    TRX Trainer

    Bodyweight Trainer

  • Training approaches
    individually adapted training

    Muscle building, weight reduction, mobility and movement balancing.

    Recognition and elimination of muscular imbalances

    Strengthening as well as stabilization of the spine, especially the cervical and lumbar spine.