Martin Dendl

Sports Scientist, Personal Trainer

3 Words that describe Martin:

inquisitive – motivating – humorous

About me

While I was still active as a soccer player in my youth, my interest in strength training in particular has grown over time. After graduating from high school, I decided to give my passion a chance and completed my training as a personal trainer. I was enthusiastic from the beginning and had huge pleasure in working with people. Due to my curiosity about the processes and procedures behind training, I decided to dedicate myself to the sport academically as well and to constantly expand my knowledge and experience.


  • Education
    Study Training & Sport at the University of Applied Sciences Wr. Neustadt
  • Other Qualifications
    Dipl. Strength Coach (Intelligent Strength)
  • Training approaches
    Maximum strength
    Speed strength
    Weight Management
  • Strengths
    Recognizing and promoting individual potential
    Motivating way of working
    Improve body awareness