Matthias Wiplinger

Sports Scientist, Personal Trainer

3 Words that describe Matthias:

ambitious – motivating – empathic

About me

Besides my passion, weight training/bodybuilding, I like to play volleyball, tennis and soccer in my free time. Through my job experience in a gym and as an athletic coach of sports teams, I have worked with many people and used different training methods.

Since I am currently in the master’s program with the specialization of training therapy, I was able to collect through my internships in rehabilitation clinics with patients* in the rehabilitation field.

My mission as a personal trainer is not only to help my clients feel good in their bodies, but to revolutionize their thinking and attitude towards sports and physical activity.


  • Education
    Studied sports science at the University of Vienna

    Master’s degree in training therapy i.A.

  • Other Qualifications
    Fitness Trainer B-License (OTL)

    Personal-Trainer-License (OTL)

  • Training approaches

    Maximum strength

    Speed strength

    Back training (posture correction)

  • Strengths
    Modeling enthusiasm about training and nutrition
    Individual training design
    Willingness to improve and optimize in oneself and with customers