Philip Regenfelder, BSc.

Sport scientist, personal trainer, founder VITURA

3 Words that describe Philip:

ambitious – charismatic – aspiring

About me

I love working with people and I love sports. VITURA gives me the opportunity to combine both. It gives me great pleasure to see how my customers with a little help from me fitter, stronger, more confident…. simply better! To push them again and again, to motivate them, to push them further and to test their limits anew!


  • Education
    Studied sports science at the University of Vienna
  • Other Qualifications
    Dipl. Fitness- & Personal Trainer
    TRX Trainer
    Former Judoka
  • Training approaches
    Strength & Mobility
    Functional training with and without aids
    Training modalities such as strength endurance, hypertrophy (muscle building), IK (inter- & intramuscular coordination), maximum strength.
    Weight Management
  • Strengths
    Teaching basic anatomical and physiological knowledge
    Creation and formation of one’s own body awareness